This is more about questions, than about answers. This is about wishes and Fate, who does not care about what we want or who we are. This is about debt and repay, concience, custody, knowledge, doubt, fear, cowardice, treachery and love. This is for people having magic as something bright and shiny, a pink sparkling miracle for the chosen ones. This is the story of these Chosen Ones who know real Magic - the dark glacial lifesucking power, impossible to be weilded by anyone.

I want to show, what really happens when you have this Power as an inevitable part of your life. My first and foremost desire is to make this whole thing as logical and realistic as possible. As that, I give you the Storyteller, who, though slightly more confidential than it is necessary, will guide you throughout the World... for some time.
From where I am standing now, there's going to be many cold rainy nights, one beautiful sunset, one remained unsolved mystery, a couple of successfully figured out ones, quite a lot of running, fighting and drunk talking, one broken nose, one broken heart, two or more livesavings, two or more failured attempts + a dozen surprises and one moment, specifically engineered to make you reconsider all the conclusions you've made until then. There's also quite a lot of blood, teared off heads and not-so-nice creatures, that may seem creepy at first but in the end you might like them much better than the main characters. Including the one, whose life you've just seen with her own eyes.

I promise you the entire truth, however ugly, weird or funny it may seem. Real people with real desires, goals, superstitions, fears and temptations. The real reasons. The only thing I cannot promise you is the Happy End.

Finally, there are two ways of uncovering iit. There are actually two stories tangled one behind another. If you want to know, who, when and where, you should just go ahead and read it. But if you want to understand, to see why they ended up where they did, you have to not only listen, but also hear the Storyteller and remember, that she did not waste not even a single word.